Cultivating a Growth Mindset in a Fatalistic Society

Arya Awale, Sep 2017

Individuals who believe that talents and abilities can be developed through effort, practice, and instruction are more successful than those who believe that talents and abilities are fixed. Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck has spent several decades studying the dichotomy between individuals with a growth mindset—who see talents and abilities as malleable—and individuals with a fixed mindset—who see talents and abilities as fixed.

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The Business of Consulting   

Sudip Bhaju, Sep 2017

What is the advantage of using consultancy services from a company versus an individual? An individual lawyer providing advice for a fee is a consultant but the same advice sought from a legal firm is a consultancy service sought from a company.

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Cambodia, Nepal, Rwanda – Lost Opportunities Amidst Shared Commonalities

Sudip Bhaju, Dec 2016

I have been visiting Rwanda for work on an annual basis, and we recently ventured into Cambodia as well. Having visited and worked in both these countries, I started noticing various commonalities of these countries with Nepal.

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Development Research in Nepal: How Do We Get it Right?

Tejaswee Shrestha, Dec 2016

Development research in Nepal has gained tremendous popularity in the last decade; especially given the sudden increase of not-for-profit organizations working for various social causes like women empowerment or income generation for the poor.

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Digital Detox: Exploring Mindfulness and Awareness

Sujeev Shakya, Dec 2016

Gadgets have taken over our lives. E-habits have become so entrenched into our day to day lives, that people are known to face withdrawal and distress on being cut off from gadgets and internet.  Personally I was keen to figure out a way to get Digitally Detoxed and spend time without gadgets. Challenging myself, I then committed to a ten day meditation retreat with this intent.

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A Beginners Guide for Investors in the Nepali Capital Market

Rojesh Bhakta Shrestha, Dec 2016

Today the daily average market turnover stands at NPR 600-700 million. This increasing volume has made the market more efficient and liquid, decreasing chances of share price manipulation, while the capital market today offers great opportunity for investors to diversify their investment requirements.

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Why You Should Be a Chartered Accountant in a Management Consulting Firm!

Shikshya Gyawali , Dec 2016

In today’s world, businesses need innovative ideas to survive. The complex nature and speed of business operations, and market expansion has ensured fierce competition among businesses. In this scenario, partnering with a good management consultant can prove to be quite beneficial for strengthening structures and approaching better growth avenues.

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Economy and Stock Market Moving Opposite Directions

Rojesh Bhakta Shrestha, May 2016

While the economy is struggling to recover and is expected to grow by meagre 0.77%, the sole secondary market is rallying and breaking records every day. The movement in opposite directions can be a leading indicator that change is on the horizon.

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