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beed leadership center (blc) is a division of beed that works on positive transformation of individuals.

The center works on the premise that individuals are the best masters of themselves and external facilitators can only help and expedite the process. The center believes in exploring the domain of leadership development through self-discovery mode and operates different programs. The center conducts leadership programs for different individuals and organizations. The "Unleashing Nepal Unleashing You" leadership thinkshop has been the most popular program delivered. The center has also introduced individual and group coaching.

Thought leader Sujeev Shakya

Sujeev Shakya

Sujeev Shakya, Thought Facilitator, is the CEO of beed management, a brand that is engaged in positive transforma-tion of individuals and organizations in Nepal, Bhutan and Rwanda. He combines over twenty five years of diverse ex-perience as an entrepreneur, consultant, writer and coach to conduct the thinkshop. He is also author of the bestseller Unleashing Nepal (Penguin 2009) and Chairs Nepal Economic Forum, Nepal’s premier private sector led economic policy and research institution.

Sujeev is a Chartered Accountant, holds a Graduate Diploma in International Marketing from Boston University (USA) and is a Certified Coach from Columbia University (USA), thereby bringing about a multi-dimensional perspective to professional and personal issues. He is a showcase alumni of the prestigious Hubert Humphrey Fellow (US). Sujeev has also conducted research on Buddha’s resonance as a coach for his thesis, under the coaching program. He is currently a regular columnist for the Kathmandu Post.