Unleashing Nepal

Unleashing Nepal


A two day ‘thinkshop’ was conducted by beed leadership center, a division of beed management on 17 and 18 March 2012 for Senior and Middle Management team members of Everest Bank Limited, a joint venture bank with Punjab National Bank, India. Titled Unleashing Nepal – Unleashing You©, the ‘thinkshop’ – a combination of workshop, training and group coaching was conducted by beed CEO Sujeev Shakya. Sujeev combined his previous training modules, over two decades of experience and his recent completion of Certificate in Coaching from Columbia University, USA to deliver a unique experience to the participants. He is also the author of the bestseller Unleashing Nepal, published by Penguin.


The participants termed the ‘thinkshop’ a lifetime experience that helped them to introspect, learn about themselves and set goals for their future and make commitments to achieve their mission especially working in Nepali context.

The program conducted using global tested tools adapted to Nepali context and delivered in bilingual setting was dubbed by the participants ‘a unique experience that equips them to perform better in Nepal’.


Mr P K Mahopatra, CEO of Everest Bank, termed the program “as a huge success and pledged continuity of the partnership developed with beed.”


Sujeev Shakya, Thought Facilitator of the program remarked that the program will be offered to Nepali and expatriates working in Nepal either as exclusive organization program or as mixed group programs.


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