beed invest Introduces Host of Schemes


KATHMANDU: To encourage individual and institutional investors to take advantage of the capital market, beed invest has launched an array of schemes.

One of the leading portfolio management companies in the country, beed has introduced products such as ‘Lagani Briddhi PLUS’, ‘Sanchaya PLUS’ and ‘EXPOR PLUS’ designed for individual clients. Likewise, schemes such as ‘Paramarsha PLUS’ and ‘Salaaha PLUS’ are targeted at institutional clients.

The products are designed to cater to the investment needs of customers. Lagani Briddhi Plus is for customers with a high risk appetite and Sanchaya PLUS is for customers with a lower risk appetite. Likewise, EXPOR PLUS caters to clients who already have an existing portfolio with beed invest.

The portfolio management company will help anyone wanting to cash in on the ups and downs of the share market but who do not have expertise or time to invest in stock trading. Portfolio managers purchase and sell securities on behalf of their clients and manage their investment portfolio.

Among the 15 merchant bankers licensed by Securities Board of Nepal, 11 have been granted licence to operate as portfolio managers. Among these, only two are involved in providing portfolio management services for clients. Nabil Investment and beed invest are the only ones that are managing the funds of their clients.

Since its establishment, based on the fundamentals and annual technical analysis, beed invest has been ranking securities listed at Nepal Stock Exchange as ‘beed chips’. The beed chips are high quality stocks of well established companies from different sectors with stable earnings that fulfil certain well-defined criteria for safety, liquidity, returns and income.

The Portfolio Management Directive requires portfolio managers to only take up clients who can invest a minimum of Rs 300,000. They will also be acting as consultants to clients regarding the buying or selling of securities.


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