what we do

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advisory and management consulting

beed has created a niche position for itself in the domain of advisory and management consulting by working across diverse areas not limited to strategy, valuation, organizational diagnostics, feasibilities, financial management, and operations. Clients see value as we bring in international skills and contextualize it to specific local business environments across different geographies. We service many clients on a retainer basis substituting or complementing Senior Management functions.

boutique advisory

beed advises its clients on mergers, acquisitions and restructuring with a total solutions approach. From valuation, due diligence, fund raising, strategy to integration, beed provides cutting edge support to help deals come to fruition. With a history of successful completion of deals, the high deal flow continues to attract firms and investors for merger and acquisitions.

fund management

beed uses innovation to structure, raise and advise funds. Using our expertise, we have structured private equity funds, SME Venture and other funds. beed continues to advise Nepal Army Welfare Fund, Nepal's largest fund. beed has also pioneered the concept of portfolio management in Nepal through beed invest.

development consulting

beed operates in the domain of development consulting through its devCon division, in conjunction with the beed promoted not-for-profit, Nepal Economic Forum. It works with a variety of bilateral, multilateral, national and international NGOs in the areas of policy research, economic analysis, value chain analysis, enterprise development, sectoral studies and public private dialogue.

beed leadership center

Through the beed leadership center, beed works on transformation of individuals through coaching as well as different leadership programs. beed has developed different modules of proprietary Leadership Thinkshops, that combines, group coaching, training, workshop and protreptic techniques. More than 600 people have attended different types of Thinkshops.