what we have done

our diverse team helps bring each client comprehensive knowledge in the related sector and offers a fresh pair of lenses for innovative business insights.
beed has extensive experience across a range of industries.

We have helped travel companies restructure and deliver better results through improved strategies and financial advisory.
We have helped create tourism destinations and products in Nepal, Bhutan, and Rwanda. From eco-tourism destinations with community based tourism models to high end tourism networks, beed's experience in this field is expansive and far reaching.
Capital Markets & Investments
We have pioneered innovative structures and strategies to create financial intermediaries. beed invest is well known in the market for its professionalism and its corporate and financial advisory services.
Financial Services
We have helped firms in the financial services industry to build new products and explore newer markets. From valuations to economic assessments beed has been involved in the entire spectrum, and works towards providing pragmatic financial solutions.
We have helped structure not only Nepal's first SME Venture Fund for IFC, but also provided different services across the spectrum for SMEs. We work closely with SMEs to strengthen their businesses and capacities.
We have helped international brands to build better capabilities for improved productivity.
Real Estate
With "beed realty" we provide a variety of solutions in this sector, either on or own or in conjunction with global firms like Jones Lang LaSalle.
We understand Nepali media and engage across the spectrum in various capacities, and have worked with leading newspapers and media houses in Nepal.
Through "beed infra" we provide total solutions across this sector by working together with leading global minds and firms.
We have helped firms to examine the entire gamut of value chain backed by extensive research and industry expertise. We have conducted sectoral studies of different products within this sector.
Food & Beverage
We engage in tailor made roles in different businesses in this sector backed by our extensive experience in the hospitality industry.
IT & Technology
We provide advisory services to technology firms in navigating through all areas that are non-technical to create an optimum value, market share and profitability for the firm. Our advisory services help organizations in strengthening their back end systems and assessing their profitability.
We are seen as a powerhouse of knowledge in the energy sector, having extensive insight, network and capabilities.
We have insights in the industry providing varied services from sectoral research to valuation. Having worked with leading insurance companies, our experience and understanding of this sector is an asset for clients.
We have diverse experience in this sector ranging from basic education to specialized higher education.
Bilaterals & Multilaterals
We have worked on specific tasks to provide local perspectives and solutions to international plans and programs.
beed is seen as a leading advisory firm providing various services including strategic advisory retainer services in this sector. We have conducted project financing for major hotels and resorts within the country.
Distillery and Brewery
We have conducted extensive research in this sector, and understand the value propositions that drive this sector.
Renewable Energy & Resources
We have integrated the use of renewable energy and resources in advising our clients along with exploring businesses in this sector.
Social and Public Sector
beed operates in different facets of helping the social and public sector to perform better.
Access to Finance
We have helped conduct a comprehensive diagnostic on the status of financial inclusion in Nepal and Cambodia followed by development of roadmaps and action plans to take access to finance forward in these countries.

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